What Is Coconut Coir?  

From root to tip, the coconut tree has always been used in a different ways throughout the ages and is widely recognized as the most useful tree on the planet. Coconut coir is obtained from the husk protecting the coconut, which is used for a variety of food products. The coir is then extracted from the husk, dried, and shredded and compressed in different forms. It’s strong fibers are also spun into rope which can be used as weed control and soil erosion products. The loose fibers can even be used as mattress padding or in composite plastics to give a lighter, stronger, and more natural looking product. 







What Is Petrified Wood? 

The word, to petrify, literally means, "turn to stone." Petrified wood, then, is wood that has turned to stone. The English word is similar to the Greek (piedra) and Latin (pietra) words for stone. 

Petrified wood is a fossil of a woody plant preserved by permineralization through time by chemical and physical  processes. In some cases, fossilized wood is readily identifiable. Generally, the species can be determined by examining thin slices of the fossil under a microscope. The microscopic structure of the fossilized wood is then compared to the cellular structure of living species.